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I have a friend with breast cancer, and I want to look up something.

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I’m having this site re-made, starting now.


Dr. Halls
The old introduction and index of old pages.

This website breast-cancer.ca began in 2003 and stayed static until 2014. In November 2014, the site was re-made and refreshed with the latest information available at that time.

Nowadays there are many websites with information on breast cancer, and this one exists with a goal of mixing together the medical information AND the average persons point-of-view.

This site describes the many common and less common types of breast cancer and other benign and malignant breast diseases. It covers breast cancer screening, staging, and tumor grading. The focus is mostly on diagnosis, but there is also some treatment information and prognosis information, although for the absolutely best, latest, state-of-the-art information on treatment options, it’s always best to directly talk to an oncologist specializing in breast cancer. They will be more uptodate than this website.

The old website index is still here:

  1. Breast Cancer screening and mammography
  2. Survival statistics for breast cancer
  3. Breast Cancer staging and grading.
  4. Descriptions of the various types of breast cancer.
  5. Descriptions of other common, benign breast lesions.
  6. Various terms and techniques commonly used in treating and assessing breast cancer
  7. Treatment Options for breast cancer and related issues.

The new website content is just arriving

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls
New posts are shown below, as they arrive one-by-one, after undergoing review.

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I hope it’s not boring.

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The titles of these posts, seem dull.

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I agree. I will re-do this part once all the posts are added. Skip the “Refs”, but try clicking on real SECTIONs to have a peek.